Creating Kitchen Memories and Holiday Warmth

When you want Holiday warmth to spread throughout every room of a home, don’t forget the kitchen! It provides plenty of opportunities to practice your decorating skills. Since we are partial to the kitchens, being that we are McKenzie’s Kitchens, we feel the kitchen is one of the most welcoming spots in your home.

Your cabinets can be the focal point for your holiday decorations, and a bit of forethought can bring compliments from all of your guests.  Following a few simple tips can help you generate your own ideas to fit the style of your kitchen and your Holiday decor.

Wreaths and garlands are among the best items for decorating your kitchen space. You can hang wreaths directly on the cabinet doors, place them above a sink, or hang them anywhere else that makes sense. Look for “no damage hooks” for easy hanging.  Garlands are great for decorating the edges of cabinets as well as door frames and windows. Make sure you don’t hang these items near any hot surfaces! If you choose to hang anything above your stove, make sure it is secure.

Candles. Nothing adds the same warmth and light to a room as candles. Not to mention scents with aromas inspired by the holidays such as evergreens of the Alps, pine, and fir, cinnamon and clove.  Introducing candles to your kitchen space makes the room a great place to enjoy desserts or have a glass of wine. Holiday candles also add a dash of color to the room, so pick out items that complement the natural decor of the room and any other decorations that are present. You can place candles just about anywhere you choose, from countertops and tabletops to the tops of your cabinets. Any time you use candles, be sure they do not present a danger your home; lighting them close to the ceiling may discolor the paint or even present a fire hazard.

Decorations. If there is space between your cabinets and the ceiling, this area is a great place to display colorful decorations. You can put traditional holiday decorations there, such as bells, figurines or small trees, though placing the emphasis on kitchen-related items can really improve the feel of the room.

Consider building your own decorations by filling large glass jars with pinecones, pine branches or even ball ornaments. You can also fill smaller jars with holiday candies, cinnamon sticks, or faux berries. Attach a holiday bow or ribbon to the top of the jars to complete the look.

Dishware. Dishes are another great option for displaying items above your cabinet. You can find Christmas-themed dishes with a broad variety of colors and styles. Prop them up using plate stands and be adventurous by mixing in other items between the dishes, such as garland or jars.

This time of the year, the kitchen is where the wonderful aromas disperse throughout the home. You can have your look and aroma match the warmness of the season. Cheers! Mckenzie's Kitchens