Kitchen Goals for the New Year…why not, or more importantly—Why!

How many of your New Year's resolutions from last year have you kept? Is the kitchen's lack of organization sabotaging your schedule? Is its cooking equipment not geared toward healthy eating? There are numerous ways that your space impacts your goals. This new playbook is designed to help you keep the resolutions you make next year by making some changes to your kitchen now.

Get organized
Interior cabinets and accessories are great tools for helping you get your kitchen organized. Begin by determining which items you use every week and move the others out of the kitchen. The ones you use will be easier to find when you have them neatly stored in handy organizers. 
Declutter, Declutter, Declutter. Get rid of all the junk - spices, cookbooks, utensils, gadgets that dont work or have never been used, They gotta go – Start the project before the end of the year--one kitchen drawer/cabinet at a time. The plan should be to get it done in 3 months – set up your foundation for all your goals, by first simplifying and organizing.

And why your at it, make the kitchen look stylish and up to date. 


You’ll want to cook more. Eating out all the time is not a good way to stay on your new diet. A home-cooked meal is much healthier, usually more satisfying and certainly more affordable. Still, if you don’t have a kitchen that you enjoy being in then you probably aren’t making the most of it. A kitchen renovation can help get you organized and make your space more accessible – which means mealtime preparations will be easier and more enjoyable.
A new kitchen adds a ton of value. While a kitchen may be one of the costliest rooms to renovate, it can also sell a home. That’s because home buyers tend to look at the kitchen first. 
Style is an extension of who you are. You change your wardrobe and probably your hairstyle to keep up with the latest fashions… Your home is an extension of who you are and the kitchen is the most important room of the home. Why not make your kitchen match who you are and fortunately, the style will stay in fashion a great deal longer than your new pair shoes.

This year…Spend more time with family

A bright, cheery and well organized kitchen is inviting! You will find you spend more time together there enjoying one another.  After all, it’s where your food and incredible aromas reside year round, which means you very well might find you and your loved ones do too….maybe while you find yourself cooking up some great cuisine or sipping on some wine. It’s not just a place to eat.

Make your Kitchen be the foundation this year for the rest of your resolutions.  

To a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year…

McKenzie Kitchens