Our Design Process


Initial Meeting

During our initial meetings with the client, architect, interior designer, and/or contractor, we gather information regarding the project, discuss conceptual ideas, determine a scope of work, define the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements, and discuss the budget.  This meeting will typically be held at the client’s home, but in the case of a new build would be held at our studio. We will also discuss the showroom policies for hiring us for a millwork design project.

Field Measure

Field measurements provide the foundation of any design project for us.  Without an accurate understanding of the existing conditions.  So early in each project, we head out to survey the existing space.  If this is a new build, or a home with new architectural layout, we will work from scaled architectural plans in lieu of a field measure.  The field measure for these projects will occur when framing is completed.

Finish Material Selection

The most prominent influences on the selection of finish materials are architectural style, degree of authenticity, function, aesthetics, and budget. During this phase we specify materials for cabinets.  We select cabinet line, door, species, finish, cabinet pulls, glass, and metal finishes.  Finish selections are required in order to create quote.

Cabinetry Design Development

From these initial meetings, we begin to define the style and build a concept that is tailored specifically to the client; drawing our inspiration from the client’s lifestyle, the architect or interior designer’s vision, and the nature of the space, we produce a cabinet design though sketches, CAD, and 3-D modeling of the client’s new space.

Drawing, Drafting and Construction Documentation

During this phase of the process we refine and design all aspects and elements of the cabinet project: layout, details, molding, pullouts, organizers, appliances, and hardware. We begin to build our specification binders for the client and contractor and complete CAD drawings for bidding and execution of details. We designing more than just cabinets. The drawings we produce will be used by the general contractor to build out the kitchen or master bath. These are blueprints for some of the most important rooms in your home. McKenzie Architectural Kitchens produces the highest quality Autocad and 20/20 drawings in the industry.


During this final office meeting, the completed design drawings and all specifications will be reviewed.  The client will sign off on the drawings and contract.  We will answer any and all questions regarding the project.  The client will be presented with a copy of the documents for their records.

Ordering and Expediting

We begin the process by creating purchase orders for all of our vendors and reviewing all of our selections for size, modifications, and finish selection. We double check order information, confirm prices and lead-times, re-select back ordered or discontinued items, arrange crating, shipping and delivery, and start expediting.  If any discrepancy should arise from the design and pending order, we will reach out to the client for clarification.  All documents will be revised to insure the order matches the final design.

Site Visits and Trade Meetings

Throughout the construction of a project, we will be on the site for many reasons.  Many of our contractors will have us layout out cabinet design, island location and appliances on the walls and floor.  Checking the job site prior to delivery to verify site is ready for cabinets is another common reason we will be on the job site.  Trade meetings will also require coordination meetings at times.  Counter top and metal fabricators and appliance vendors being the most common.


After the final order is approved, we will have a tentative date of arrival of cabinetry.  The client and all parties involved will be contacted to schedule a delivery and installation.  The time frame for the install will vary by project.  Our team of installers will review the final design to estimate a time frame.  Cabinets arrive to our warehouse and one month of storage is built into all contracts.  After 30 days storage will be charged.  We will schedule a site delivery a day prior to start of installation.  The installer will arrive the following day to begin work for the allocated time.  Before completion of installation, we will do a walk through and create a punch list.  Any required items and/or replacement parts will be ordered.  We will call to schedule a follow up date to complete the remaining punch list items.

Post Installation

Soon after installation, once the punch lists are complete and final details have been attended to, the house becomes a home…