After the field measure and cabinet selection, we will prepare a preliminary design layout based of the design goals. A meeting will be scheduled at the studio to review the design. This meeting is best done at studio so we can show the 3-D model to the client. We want them to experience the design in the best possible way.

Initial quote

An initial quote will also be presented at the design review meeting. Our cabinets lines all have differing base line price points. During the material selection process, we need to match the cabinet line to the project budget.


Drawing Ownership

These projects can require many hours or days of design and drafting work. McKenzie Architectural Kitchens retains ownership of all work and drawings until we are hired for the project. In order for the drawings to be released earlier than the closing day, a design retainer of 5% can be paid. The retainer will applied to the purchase of cabinets. Photography of the drawings and presentation is strictly prohibited during the meetings.

Design Retainer

Time is a precious commodity, which we save for our paying clients. It is a necessity to ensure they are served to best of our ability. After the second design and quote, the potential client will be asked to pay a design retainer of 5% of the quote. The design retainer now gives this project priority, and now we can proceed forward with revisions and fine detailing to prepare our construction documents for the closing.