I wish I could say that I was a business genius, and that somehow, I analyzed, formulated and calculated a much-needed gap in the market to exploit.  Boom!  McKenzie Architectural Kitchens exploded into existence. 

McKenzie Front Large.jpg

McKenzie Kitchens was started with $800 and 12 door samples. Halloween of 2015, the doors of a 120 square foot office suite swung open for business on the third floor of an office building in Scottsdale. We had no signage, no website, and no fear.

There is not one part of that business plan that should have worked. The only logical conclusion is that our clients, who continue trust in us and our work, made all this possible.  In response, we have set our expectations extremely high.  We hold ourselves accountable at every level.  Not one member of our team is above doing the grudge work.  We do all this with a smile, because it just who we are and what we demand from ourselves.